Karim al-Nur

Heir to the sultanate of Hazred


Lawful Good Human Aristocrat/Fighter


Abu-Ziyad Karim al-Nur ibn Hatim ibn Hashim al-Hazred

Karim al-Nur, heir apparent of Hazred is his father’s son to the bone: serious, deeply honor-bound, rigidly devout, and a firm traditionalist, with a respectable military record. He is heavily involved in the day-to-day administration of the city of Hazred itself, working closely with the elected mayor who represents the middle (ie merchant and tradesman) class, Abd al-Rashid.

With twelve years separating them, he has little relationship with his significantly younger brother—he spent most of Hasan’s childhood completing his mandatory military apprenticeship—save for familial loyalty and a fear that Hasan’s antics will bring embarrassment on the family and the Sultanate.

He has a two-year old daughter, Ikram, and an infant son, Ziyad, with his first—and currently only—wife, the beautiful Lamya.

Karim al-Nur

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