A Handmaiden of Al-Haqq Hassim


A humanoid Construct in the shape of a woman called a Nimblewright, Jaleh displayed remarkable intelligence and emotion, seeming to The Party to be indistinguishable from a “normal” living thing.

In Al-Mhuqtebel, she battled The Party fiercely, even after Hasan cut off a hand, depriving her of one of her twin rapiers. Though the battle was difficult, she was eventually driven back, vowing vengeance on Hasan for taking one of her prized weapons.

Hasan faced her again in the Deep Water Court in Sefet, armed with a shocking rapier. Ironically, the rapier Hasan had taken from her had been sundered earlier that same night. Though she again overpowered him, she was disqualified from the competition for attempting to strike off his hand after winning. (She was prevented from this by Lyr.)


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