Iskandar al-Husam

Half-Orc Swashbuckler, inspiration to Hasan al-Husam


Mid-level Chaotic-Neutral Swashbuckler/Rouge.


A half-orc Swashbuckler who attempted to break into the harem of Sultan Hatim al-Jabbar in Hasan’s youth. He was taken prisoner and made a eunuch, and renamed Iskandar Abd-Al-Rahman (Servant of the Merciful).

He would tell Hasan stories of his adventures, filling the young boy with a desire to see the world.

He was ultimately executed by the Sultan to teach Hasan a lesson about the price of recklessness.

Like Hasan after him, he was a student of Khayyam al-Mahir.

Iskandar al-Husam

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