Igneen Faheed

Owner of the Delishea Djieda mercantile company/Horrible monster


In Mazooz, The Party discovered that he had some connection with the Ameen Makara—or the being that replaced him—and the plague that gripped the city.

In Sefet, The Party uncovered the depth of his connection with The Cobalt Crown; his shipping company was not controlled by the criminal empire, but was a regular contractor, facilitating—amongst other things—the purchasing of slaves from Festiz ibn-Hazool.

The Party infiltrated his warehouse and discovered his secret assembly room for charnel hounds. When the party confronted him, he revealed that he was (or had been replaced by) a hideous, shape changing monster, which The Party slew.

In Igneen Faheed’s room, they found a used summoning circle connected to the plane of Gehenna, possibly the origin of the creature that replaced him, assuming there ever was an “Igneen Faheed” to begin with.

They later learned that the creature they killed was called Yhe’Ghutholsin, Herald of The Grey Face of Yuggoloth and that it had been operating under the guise of Igneen Faheed for three years and may have been seeking the “Shabti of the Melakhim Kochav”.

Igneen Faheed

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