Fazia Shula

The Lady of Noble Flame


Fazia Shula is a young noblewoman of high standing from an enormously wealthy Fire Genasi family. She is said to have been a rude and selfish child, and violently cruel to those at court. She quickly earned a reputation for being a hot-headed brat, even for a Fire-Genasi. There was an incident where she set a page’s hair on fire, then threw an amphora of wine at him, nearly resulting in his death. Fazia was sent away when she was 14 by her parents to the kingdom of Tengai to the far east. This was half by their command, and half by Fazia’s request. She was sent to a sort of monastic charm school. Seven and a half years later, at the age of 21, she has returned with her ship The Mashkhet to Raqaejah. It was discovered that while Fazia had grown into a woman, whatever etiquette she was taught in Tengai was left at it’s shores.

Fazia has fair skin that seems to darken to a deep bronze within minutes of exposure to the sun, fading back to a pale complexion when she returns to the shade. She has dark, almost black irises with flecks of bright orange. Her thick bushy hair is the color of dull coal and is worn in a long thick ponytail with strands that seem to dance with a brilliant orange glow when caught in the breeze. She always smells of incense and burning candles and possesses an exceptional beauty despite her rather boyish figure. However, her face is perpetually cast in either an indifferent stare or an intense sneer.

Fazia-3 was “Collected” by the Glass Artifact in Session 03. She parted ways with The Party in Session 08, hoping to rejoin her family.

Fazia-Prime was reported to have died several years before the present.

She met The Party upon their arrival in Mazooz and gave them the Tenrashinban, to help her recreate the The Mashkhet as a flying ship. She helped them defeat Ameen Makara and save the city, then parted ways with them when they left.

Fazia Shula

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