Dendera Seth

A Tereshal Warrior


An unusually tall Terashal warrior woman encountered in Sefet. She fights defensively, counter-attacking with poisoned needles that cause her opponents to burn to death from within.

When she was first seen, she was battling in a low-grade underground fight, reportedly one of the first such tournaments she had engaged in after a long absence from the fighting underground.

She was defeated by Hasan al-Husam in a tournament in the Deep Water Court, surrendering without apparent malice. She seemed to know something about Hasan, mentioning Adil al-Khayrat by name.

She is a member of Al Haddid Jalut, and had entered the tournament to obtain its prize, the Khatam Mahib Ghaza. She later met with The Party at the library of Sefet and agreed to assist them in return for the ring, provided at least two of the three charges remained when they are finished with it.

After Hasan wished himself able to use the Tenrashinban, he gave the Khatam Mahib Ghaza to Dendera; however, as The Party escaped the lair of Azu-Makeen, she decided not to flee to Akkarid, but to venture into the unknown with Hasan et al.

Dendera’s Story

As told to Hasan in Session 37; I’ll pretty it up a bit probably when I get a moment.

She was born in Zameen, her favorite color is brown. Like all Tereshal, she always eats with her hands whenever possible, and her favorite food is Lamb Kebab spiced with garlic, crushed Ember Pepper, and Anari Brush roots. Dendera, her two brothers, and her parents all fought during Spring of Ash 12 years ago. Only she survived. She is 124 years old, is a widow, and has a son, nearly 8 years old, named Yasharan Seth.

Dendera’s late husband’s name was Mubariz Seth, who died 7 years ago. He was killed during a raid against a cabal of Hassaraf temple guards beneath the sands of the Al-Ramlayan Desert, near the Daricassan city of Annasar. Al-Hadid Jalut believed that the Philosopher’s Stone was located within a burial chamber of a forgotten Hassaraf King. Adil was part of this expedition, given his expertise in Alchemy. The entire operation was bankrolled by a wealthy foreigner, who had given them everything they needed.

The evidence of the Stone’s whereabouts was convincing, and every preparation had been made. The expedition was to be lead by the son of the Arajnord: Qaziliz Zdadegan. They did not find it, only traps set by the Hassaraf zealots. Facing an onslaught of Hassaraf, Mubariz tried to hold them off while the others could make a staggered tactical retreat. Qaziliz instead ordered his team to pullout immediately, using Dendera and Mubariz’s team as a distraction so that he and his men could escape. Cut off and betrayed, she and Mubariz fought their way past the Hassaraf, their remaining friends and allies dying all around them. At last only Dendera and Mubariz remained, but the Temple Guards were defeated.

They then discovered what lay within the heart of the Temple: within a black chest encircled with red rubies, heavy as if laden with gold. Only hot air was inside, air that burned a hole in the fabric of reality, summoning forth the First King of the City of Brass: Izznaar-Al-Sara. The specter of the Effriti appeared, enraged, and burned her husband, reducing him to a thin pile of brittle black glass. He then possessed her, showing her the horrors of his mind, and attempted to supplant his will into her body permanently The only thing that saved her was her iron will and his limited power on this Kaf. It was a war of attrition that she would have lost had he another minute. But, having exhausted much of his power attacking Mubariz and simply existing, Izznaar-Al-Sara was soon forced back between time and space, and Dendera resealed him within the black chest. She was left alive, but cursed not only with the horrid memories he had shown her, but with the curse of his blood that now forever runs through hers: The blood of wrath.

Her husband died because of the cowardice of her Arajnord’s (Leader’s) son, Qaziliz Zdadegan. The Arajnord’s name is Bacarhim Zdadegan. Qaziliz blamed the failed expedition on Mubariz, saying that it was his impetuousness that had forced his hand to retreat. Dendera, furious, attacked him, but was stopped by other members of Al Hadid Jalut. For such a dishonor as to threaten the life of the Arajnord’s son, she was exiled as punishment. She is only allowed to return if she discovers actionable information on how to reach the Philosopher’s Stone. However, there was another complication…

She says that in Tereshal culture, it is considered taboo for a grieving widow to be allowed near her child, as her grief would be absorbed by the young child. Such children are raised by the community, and mothers are only allowed access to their own children again once they are re-married. The Terashal view this as completing an equation that was once out of balance.

As such, Dendera says that she needs a husband to see her son again, whom she has been away from all this time.

Dendera Seth

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