Cressida Shesel

Half-Elf Druid of the Desert


A foreign-born Half-Elf and former Daricassan slave, she was “adopted” at the age of 8 during a raid by the Zythu tribe known as the Ushtarak. Cressida is a Daricassan name, literally meaning “worth (one’s) weight in gold”. Her Zythu name is “Cha’Soq”, meaning “double-cry” (as in war-cry). This is due to her strange ability to utilize both her vocal chords independently. Shesel was her Elven Mother’s name, who she was separated from at age 4 as a result of the Quadland slave trade. She never knew her father.

She appears to be 18 years old and is of average height and build, and obviously of partial High-Elven extraction. She is perpetually covered in sand and trail dust, wearing patchwork leathers and woven cloths, and sports a wayfarer’s tan along her otherwise fair skin. She smears her chin-length jet black hair with a paste made from seeds and sweet-smelling berries, clumping it into messy blood-red streaks. Her angular ears are adorned with snake ribs and vertebrae, and her blue-green eyes are bright and enormous, sparkling with optimism and mischief. While traveling during the day, she wears a red-glazed mask of a fearsome monster made of ceramic and animal bone. This is partially for dramatic effect, but also to keep her face from becoming sunburned.

She was encountered by the PCs in the Sheel Khali Desert, and elicited a reaction from the Glass Artifact. She seems to have 6 Golden Jackals as pets, and a small, strange chimera known as Creature follows her everywhere she goes.

When she was later rescued from Al-Mhuqtebel, she was in the found in the form of a jackal. Nobody asked her what the deal with that was. She left in the company of Sartaj Bharatra from Akkarid.

On Soleira-Prime, she found the Ushtarak tribe did not recognize her and she was rejected by them. When she Session 12, she was on the brink of death, having barely survived the traumatic experience of being forced to kill men she knew as friends. If not for Creature and the favor of the gods, which saw The Party passing by at just the right moment, she would have perished in the desert.

As she accompanied the party, she seemed to recover to an extent, and assisted the party in their battle against Izznaar-Al-Sara, where she demonstrated that her mastery of shapechanging is so great that she can speak while in animal form.

She assisted The Party and Fazia Shula in tackling the outbreak of Septicemic Plague in Mazooz and accompanied them as they left on ship to Sefet.

Cressida Shesel

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