A mischievous and intelligent Qu’ah Qi.


Creature is a confusing little chimera, looking like a cross between a small dog, a bat, a lizard, and a lemur. He has long manipulating fingers with flat, abrasive pads and tiny claws for climbing. His grinning mouth is covered with little pointed teeth and a darting tongue somewhere between a frog’s and a cat’s. He possesses patagial membranes under his arms that allows him limited gliding capability. His Yellow-green eyes are bigger than a Human’s, and his scaly prehensile tail sports an iridescent fan much like a fish.

Although animalistic, Creature seems to have a moderate degree of intelligence, understanding the common tongue of Amaranthia and is even capable of limited vocalizations of his own. His vocabulary largely consists of the following words or phrases (spoken in a raspy purr and usually accompanied by gesturing or incoherent chattering):

1. Give! (Usually in reference to demanding food. However, sometimes used when he offers an object to another.)
2. What?! (Used as a query and also as a defensive response.)
3. What is? (Used for more specific queries, always accompanied by pointing or gesturing.)
4. Cookie? (Always as a question. “Cookie” seems to be in reference to anything potentially beneficial.)
5. Yes! (As an affirmative, also used as a question.)
6. I Forgot! (Always used as a defensive response, usually inaccurate or inappropriate to the situation.)
7. Oh, Ok! (Only used when satisfied with a response.)
8. Good (Used predominantly to describe himself in the context of arguing for food.)
9. Stinky (A general-purpose negative.)

He has also given Lillian Lestoue-Beltaine the nickname “Kitty” and Khamuth the nickname “Boobies.”

Creature is known to always be hungry, and seems capable of eating 2 to 3 times his body weight each day. However, he is capable of surviving on far less. Creature is the constant companion of Cressida Shesel. Apparently he found her in a Daricassan tunnel one afternoon and followed her home. Cressida says that when she was sold off to a merchant caravan when her Daricassan owners lost their fortune, she lost contact with Creature for over a year. However, as soon as she was “adopted” by the Ushtarak tribe, he mysteriously returned to her one night. The two have remained inseparable ever since.

When Cressida was rejected by the Ushtarak of Soleira-Prime and she was hunted to the brink of death, it was Creature who found The Party and led them to her. How he was able to find them, or even know where they were, is a mystery.

Later, after disappearing for some time in Sefet, he found The Party again, but was acting uncharacteristically aggressive. After being calmed and ministered to by Lyr, he shocked the party by vomiting forth a fully-grown being identical to himself, which flew away…

The Party ultimately learned that Creature is a Qu’ah Qi, a member of an extremely rare species that is likely native to Soleira. While stranded on Qu’ah Qi Jazeera, The Party learned more about these strange beings, though much of their nature, especially their prehistory, remains as mysterious as all native life. Creature is, in many ways, representative of his species; though his time with Cressida has socialized him and taught him a semblance of manners, the Qu’ah Qi as a whole exhibit comparable levels of intelligence, loyalty, and preternatural awareness.


Amaranthia soleira