Claudia Lestoue

Provost of the Great Library of Akkarid


The former queen of the Kingdom of Lestoue and the Kingdom of Rastahl. She is perhaps the most well-known Tiefling alive in all of Soleira, although she is not proud of this distinction nor her infernal heritage.

Though she reigned over the unified Rastahl it was not to last. When the kingdom was dissolved, her family fell from power. Fleeing before she could be put on trial for treason, she found her way to Raqaejah, where her ties with the Ansari family helped her establish herself in Akkarid.

Due to her past dealings with the Ordo Clavis, she was seen as a suitable compromise for the position of Provost of The Great Library of Akkarid when the Ordo insisted on naming one of its own members to the position. Omek Afsari, not wanting neither to allow them to consolidate too much power, nor to insult his powerful benefactors, chose her instead.

She is intimidatingly beautiful and very foreign looking. She is very smart, kind, and good-humored, but many experience an unsettling feeling while in her presence which is difficult to describe. She is never seen without wearing her favorite blue silk scarf around her neck.

Since the destruction of the Library, she and her family have taken residence in a noble district of Akkarid; despite the loss of her seat of power, she remains a significant figure in the city, spearheading efforts to recover from the massive cultural loss and to restore as much of Akkarid’s intellectual legacy as possible.

Claudia Lestoue

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