A Golem of Mysterious Origin


“Collected” in Tamba Khoya on Soleria-6 while in an inactive state, this golem was later activated by Seb Rashidi, apparently at the cost of his own life and possibly as a result of a clever ploy by Nessisus. In this early state, this, its personality was simple and its knowledge minimal, but it rapidly began displaying significant intelligence, helping The Party escape Al-Mhuqtebel

Its chest is adorned with mysterious glyphs.

After arriving at The Great Library of Akkarid, it discovered the joy of reading, and plans on remaining there for the time being.

By the time The Party was in Sefet (Session 20), he had learned to talk. He was fully conversant by the time The Party returned to Akkarid.

When Izznaar-Al-Sara destroyed the library, he protected Lillian Lestoue-Beltaine and Creature with an energy dome until they were successfully excavated. This act drained him of the lifeforce Seb Rashidi had imbued him with; the dying Captain Belsharuzza Hunzuu sacrificed his own life to reawaken the golem, tasking Chaim with the continued protection of Lillian and her family.

Since then, he has continued to increase his intelligence and, particularly, his understanding of himself. He theorizes that his activation by Seb Rashidi was the first time he had ever been activated. He does not know why he was created or by whom, but he theorizes that he is similar to an ushabti, a container or placeholder for the souls of servants of a greater power.


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