Legendary Engineer and Artificer


A Dao Genasi smith and Engineer, born nearly a thousand years ago. He was chief architect of Zarjasz Al-Ulaq and the creator of the Karabelataniec.

Contrary to rumors, he does not still live, at least not in a traditional sense. To guard the secrets of Zarjasz Al-Ulaq while avoiding insanity, he divided his soul into 3 parts: Courage (The Guardian), Reason (Mudu), and Desire (The Dread Reliquary). These three parts were intended to keep Zarjasz al-Ulaq safe and functional, though the absences of Cashara has caused intense strain on the structure.

His full name is Bennura Urt Husseb Darreim Shan Nurrasam. He was an adept of The Nameless Philosopher.


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