Bashaa Bheretina

An Apprentice Weaponsmith


A young human tradesmen, first met by the party early in their journey down the Path of Prosperity, traveling with a caravan that included the ill-fated Kurgu Enusat and his entourage.

After the party left the caravan, he found an orb imbued with a gravity reversal spell, allowing for limited flight (falling sideways) which resulted in him shaving several weeks off his journey at the cost of a seriously jacked-up leg. (The orb broke and the shards were sold.)

After some recovery, he made it to Sefet, where he currently works in the Sword Market of the Grand Bazaar.

Though a little too curious for his own good and maybe not the brightest star, he is friendly, honest, and hardworking.

Bashaa Bheretina

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