In Sefet, the PCs encountered foes serving Azu-Makeen—the Agents of the Cobalt Crown, who seemed to be following the same path as Lydra Geb.

None of them were terribly forthcoming with information on their master, nor were they long-lived…

It was later that Azu-Makeen was in fact the blue dragon seen in the battle between the Ordo Clavis and the Agents of the Cobalt Crown in Sefet. Though the Agents of the cobalt crown once allies of the Ordo Clavis, this may no longer be the case…

Incredibly vain, he has begun unnaturally extending his life using a Harukan ointment made of beautiful people, an extreme expense that has forced The Cobalt Crown into riskier ventures. He currently hopes to create an army of Ancillae, hinting at bigger ambitions than simply controlling Sefet’s underworld.

The Party later learned that reasons for his use of a life-extension treatment may not have been pure vanity; according to Dendera Seth, a failed experiment investigating “kafs” left him aging at an incredibly accelerated rate.

In Session 30, The Party confronted the dragon and imprisoned him in the Tenrashinban, resulting in—apparently—the collapse of The Cobalt Crown.


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