Spider Spirit; Master of trickery


The great trickster spirit of Khonoma, Anansi rescued Maisha and Nesisus from a group of apparently hostile Xamuss, triggering a vision in the bard, and offering Maisha one of his own legs as a spear.

At the end of Session 04, he was collected by the Glass Artifact, having apparently manipulated circumstances so that it was he who was taken, not Abbet Bhujem.

Being a spirit, his plurality across the Solerias is unknown; though it is most likely that the PCs “merely” encountered Anansi-4, his apparent foreknowledge of the PC’s arrival and mode of departure raises questions about the relationship between spirits and the parallel universes.

After The Party awoke in Al-Mhuqtebel, Anton De Orlean was revealed to be Anansi in disguise. He had been gathering The Party’s stories for his own benefit. After releasing them from their bondage, he departed.

In Zarjasz al-Ulaq, The Party observed a recorded prophecy describing “twin spiders” playing a role in the apocalypse of The Void Song, which implies a grave danger in interaction between Anansi-4, Anansi-Prime, and Nessisus.

The party encountered (an?) Anansi again on Chalazias’ ship. He had been in the guise of Nethken, an assassin. He revealed himself and abducted (with the aid of another Anansi or other assistant) Nessisus.


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