Amna al-Zahrah

Mother to Hasan al-Husam; Poet and Playwright


Neutral Good Aristocrat/Bard


Eldest daughter of a minor Raqaejahn noble family, second-youngest wife of Hatim al-Jabbar, mother of Hasan al-Husam.

A kind mother and faithful wife, though more interested in books and theater than any royal affairs. She is happiest when allowed to pursue her artistic pursuits; when pressured into political action, she often becomes distant and unfocused.

With the help and ambition of her sister-wife Ulrika, her plays have begun to be performed in public theaters—they have been fairly well received, though critics fearing repercussions tend to use a light hand—making her one of the few Sultanas of Hazred to have a direct interaction with the general public.

Amna al-Zahrah

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