Ameen Makara

Seneschal to Ayman Al-Aziz; Unholy Monster In Disguise


The personal assistant and seneschal to Ayman Al-Aziz, The Party first met Ameen when he found them and brought them to the bey. He then accompanied the party on their investigation of the outbreak of Septicemic Plague in Mazooz.

Later, The Party learned that he had been funneling large sums of money to the Temple of Bahamut. In their investigations of the catacombs below the temple, they found an under-construction Charnel Hound and Ameen…

When The Party fought him, he was revealed to be an Avolakia. Feng killed it with fire. Among his possessions, the party found a mysterious staff, which he was using to control and exacerbate the disease, though he denied being wholly responsible for the disease.

He may have been creating the Charnel Hound for Igneen Faheed, the owner of the Delishea Djieda shipping company.

He was likely a worshiper of Kyuss, and had been subverting the Temple of Bahamut for the cult’s sinister goals.

The Party later learned that he had been replaced three years ago by Sheek’lieel, an entity from Gehena and an agent of The Grey Face.

Ameen Makara

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