Adil al-Khayrat

Human Alchemist


Abu-Juda Adil al-Khayrat ibn Hashim ibn Khalid al-Hazred

Younger brother of Hatim al-Jabbar. He is an alchemist dwelling in Akkarid and a servant at the court of Omek Afsari.

He is a good-natured, generous man, if proud of his intellect and prone to distraction. He is fond of experimenting and has, on occasion, even created new life, such as the half-basilisk or quarter-cockatrice. He typically wears a neatly cropped beard and mustache when his reckless experimentation has not singed off his facial hair.

He is quite fond of sweets, collects strange animals—often the products of his experimentation—and enjoys concocting new potions.

As an alchemist, he is talented, but generally considered an undisciplined amateur; his reception amongst other noble alchemists varies wildly depending on individual tolerance of his erratic behavior.

As a statesman, he is surprisingly serious, with a reputation as a keen negotiator… if he stays on topic.

The PCs encountered his Soleira Three alternate, who bore no significant differences from his Prime self.

Adil has continued to assist the friends of The Party in Akkarid, in part in support of Claudia Lestoue’s opposition to the Ordo Clavis and in part due to the connection between his house and Al-Mhuqtebel.

He is an amateur historian, and his combined interests have led to him working with Al Haddid Jalut in the past. The Ordo Clavis, on the other hand, has shown no interest in him, ostensibly due to his erratic nature.

Family and Household

He has a wife, Gazbiyya,—whom he loves passionately—and several adult sons and daughters, the eldest being Juda al-Hakim, a mathematician and owner of many race-horses. Adil has a civil relationship with his older brother Hatim al-Jabbar, neither having any difficulty putting the good of Hazred over any personal differences. They get on much better by being in separate cites.

His manservant, who insists he be called simply “Abu,” has served him as long as anyone can remember. Though old and eccentric, he seems to be capable of doing the work of almost an entire staff single-handed. Other servants of the family include Gazbiyya’s handmaidens, the staff of the house stable, a rather “creative” cook, and a silent fearless young man who maintains the pristine beauty of Adil’s peculiar, often dangerous garden.

Abu-Juda Gazbiyya al-Ablaj bint Tawfiq

Adil’s wife is, in many ways, a perfect compliment to him. She is clever and possesses great social grace, understanding the importance of image to nobility. Her efforts are a major factor in his effectiveness as a statesman. But one does not live with a man like Adil for over thirty years without being a little eclectic herself…

Adil al-Khayrat

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