Abbet Bhujem

A Bu'ade warrior-monk


A portion of The Party encountered this Bu’adeBu’ade Wakili in Mji Mkuu upon regaining consciousness in Soleria-4. Though the Glass Artifact appeared, initially to resonate with him, the reaction stopped when he made contact with it.

He reported having had dreams of Maisha for some time in advance of The Party’s arrival.

With his spirit ally Kupata, he accompanied the PCs on their journey to reunite the part and rescue Kiso Mngani and his protector Mikelebasah Ulehte. When the latter’s villainy was exposed, he fought alongside The Party.

Sadly, it appeared that Anansi may have manipulated circumstances so that he was “collected,” not Abbet, and so the warrior-monk’s fate lies with the uncertain future of Soleria-4.

In Al-Mhuqtebel, a parallel of him was seen who spoke in a different accent. His name—or title, is—Al-Haqqhasim, and he is a high-ranking member of the Ordo Clavis.

Abbet Bhujem

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