Session 65

Outline Recap

  • To give the Loxo more time to get away and to allow the others to get into position, Feng puts up a wall of fire around the entrance to the tunnel.
  • Indira climbs to the top of a tree for a better angle.
  • Sehera & Hasan move towards the tunnel opening on opposite sides.
  • Lyr, Sartaj, and Noza Oda cast spells to aid the party.
    • Most of which Hasan and Sehera are too far away to be affected by.
  • Some of the mind shredders start coming around the wall.
  • Then the wall is dispelled revealing a swarm of them.
    • There appear to be two types.
      • The larger ones are the physical fighters.
      • The smaller ones seem to be more magic oriented.
  • The larger mind shredders are capable of leaping great distances and quickly close the gap.
  • The small mind shredders are able to cause panic and cause some of the Loxo to flee and one of them to start fighting the Loxo next to him.
  • Feng grows to giant size and being hurling fireballs at the mind shredders.
  • Sartaj and Sehera are struck by the large mind shredders, and discover that while they do not do large amounts of physical damage, they can cause wisdom drain.
  • From her vantage point in the tree, Indira is the least troubled by the giant insects and takes several down with her arrows.
  • In the background the battle with the megapede can be heard.
  • The party does their best to keep the mind shredders busy as the remaining Loxo try to move the egg.
  • Sartaj is swarmed but manages to hold his own.
  • Lyr helps to keep the Loxo that are fighting each other from killing each other.
  • Sehera is affected by the smaller mind shredders’ confusion ability.
    • She does not attack the others but does not aid in their fight.



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