Session 64

Place Holder Outline

The next day

  • Plans are made for the party’s departure.
  • The party will escort Noda Oza to Baikuntha (capital city of Itwaar and location of Lyr’s Mukashram) for the Sankta Kunveno (a holy gathering of the Peloric faith).
    • Sartaj will accompany them, because he would like to return to his order.
      • Indira is not thrilled with this but does not argue against it.
        • She has not filled the others in as to why she is unhappy with him.
  • Dendera decides to remain in Akkarid with Yasharan.
    • Hasan devises/purchases something that will allow them to communicate with each other.
  • To get a head start on their travels the party will use Al-Mhuqtebel to go to the portal they created when sneaking into Keergai’im’s encampment.
    • While the others are making preparations, Indira and Sehera scout out the site to make sure that it has been abandoned.
      • The only thing there is a family of desert cats.
      • They spend some time with the cats before they return and give the all clear.
  • Lazar is not exactly pleased with the thought of the party leading a bunch of camels through his living room.
    • But he still allows it as long as the party gives him a little time to clear a path.
      • With Indira’s help, Sehera picks up some good wine for him as a thank you.
  • The after a little coaxing the camels are led through Al-Mhuqtebel without incident.
  • The party journeys through the desert for a few days without incident.
  • One day at dusk they hear sounds in the distance and see smoke.
    • It sounds like fighting and animals.
      • Judging by the noises it is assumed that it might be a group of Gnolls raiding a caravan.
        • Since Gnolls are known slavers most of the party wants to track them and try to help.
          They track them for about two hours but the trail begins to grow cold.
          There are noises in the distance but it is hard to tell their direction and who is making them.
    • Sehera realizes that there are a large group of people talking about a mile away.
  • Sartaj and Sehera go to investigate.
    • They manage to sneak right up to the camp without being noticed.
      • These are not the gnolls.
      • Judging from the conversation the of people in the camp there is a lot of them and they seem to be working on something but Sartaj and Sehera can’t figure out what it is.
  • Sartaj and Sehera report back to the others.
  • Everyone agrees to wait until dawn and then investigate.
  • The next morning the party heads over to the camp.
  • When they get within sight of it a group of people come out to meet them.
    • In the group are 3 Venatrix, a large man wearing mercenary company tattoos, a blue skinned man wearing a demon skull mask, and a man who is obviously not from Amaranthia.
  • They do not attack but want to know what the party’s business is.
  • Hasan explains that the party had been tracking some gnolls, saw the encampment and wanted to alert them that there might be a raiding party about. Also they wanted to find out if they had seen anything.
  • The foreign man lets them know that the camp has not seen anything nor have they has any issues with gnolls.
    • He introduces himself as Kalem Ganaka.
    • He is a bit erratic in his speech and obviously excited about something.
      Hasan asks what he is doing out in the middle nowhere.
    • Kalem says he can not tell, but it is pretty cool.
      • Less than a second later he decides to tell.
  • Kalem has been obsessed with finding evidence of ancient gods on Soliera. He is trying to prove that the Agkishadiya existed.
    • A mythical race thought to be a common ancestor of both Phoenix and Phoelarch races. Their deity was said to be called Garuda.
      • According to legend Garuda was killed but like Phoelarchs turned into an egg upon his death.
      • Kalem thinks he might have found the egg of Garuda.
  • Kalem leads the party to where his team has been digging.
    • Workers are in the process of bringing the egg to the surface.
  • Kalem lets the party know that he found the egg underground and a hive of Animo Delvitis (giant insects also know as Mind Shredders) had been using the egg as some kind of energy/food source.
    • To get the egg they killed the hive.
  • A group of Loxo bring the egg to the surface on a giant palanquin.
  • Noises are heard coming from the tunnel they emerged from a few minutes before.
    • Looks like they didn’t get all off the mind shredders, who are apparently known to create outpost cells (what they destroyed). The main hive seems intact!
  • Before anything can be done, there is a great rumbling and a Megapede bursts out of the ground and beings attacking the camp.
  • Kalem asks the party if they can deal with the mind shredders and keep the Loxo safe while his group takes care of the Megapede.
    • The party agrees.



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