Session 63

Place Holder Outline

The next morning.

  • Hasan, Dendera, Sisi, Claudia, and Lillian wake up relatively early and go to Claudia’s house.
  • Lyr is so exhausted she almost sleeps through the sunrise.
    • She stumbles up to the roof for morning prayer but falls asleep halfway through her prayers.
  • Feng wanders down to the kitchen and instead of encountering Abu, finds Sifu Ling Huo waiting for him.
    • Ling Huo gives Feng four boxes.
      • Three are filled with tea, the fourth is filled with salt.
    • He informs Feng that by drinking the contents of the boxes he will gain insight into the next steps of his journey.
      • He suggests the entire party should partake.
      • Also don’t mix all the teas together and then drink them. Each one must be consumed separately.
    • He then tells Feng that while he can not help the party directly for the next leg of their journey he will be helping them indirectly by helping Asha Druj.
      Indira and Sehera wake up.
    • They find Lyr on the roof and since everyone else has gone off, they decide to go to the baths.

That evening.

  • Everyone returns to find Feng waiting for them with the table set for tea.
    • Dendera remained at Claudia’s with Yasharan and Heksora.
  • Feng explains the tea and the group agrees to share it with him.
  • They brew the black tea first.
  • After drinking the tea everyone beings to have a shared vision.
    • Great blood red doors open to reveal inky darkness. A hundred bodies lie motionless wrapped in white, with a lamp burning by their heads. Ashes fall into a cold stream from charred trees. The lamp lights all blow out. There is a long dark tunnel, and at the end, blinding light, a man all in gleaming silver armor with the mask of a fanged demon stands before you, gleaming by the light of the full moon. His eyes are Rubies that burn like fire. He looks upward, and 6 suns burn in the sky, and shine their light east.
      • Lyr recognizes the doors as the gates of her monastery and the wrappings and lamps are part of Peloric funeral customs.
*** Lyr also guesses that the 6 suns represent the 6 holy leaders that were called to conclave in Itwaar.
  • Red Tea:
    • Three spiders stare in darkness amongst gilded men in halls of stone. Eyes like coal open in the darkness, shining scales wreathing forms about them. The sun bursts from above and stars wheel in the sky. The fallen rise and the strong are broken. Three armies gather in the plains and three serpents spit and strike. A warrior’s dance is joined by identical warriors. A white wind blows and the way is opened.
      • The gilded men might be Daricassans, and the halls of stone their city.
      • The white wind could be the white tiger on the compass.
  • Green Tea:
    • Grey fog is burned away. Lifted from Sefet by black winged shadows. Caught by four winds from four directions. Blown east by the winds to a temple atop a tower rising from the ocean to the clouds. Six suns shine in the sky.
      • The four winds might represent the four spirits contained in the Tenrashinban.
      • It appeared that the only way to reach the temple was by flying.
  • Salt:
    • Pain and anger. Grey and cold. Thirst and weakness. Hunger and fear. Iron dust and starlight. Darkness and Death. The dead do not rise and the living soon follow. Life flees from your grasp and only sorrow takes your hand. A black wind blows and the way is opened.
      • The grey land is probably Melabet.
      • The black wind could be the black tortoise on the compass.
  • By the time the contents of all of the boxes have been drunk it is late in evening.
  • Abu appears and serves dinner.
  • The party decides to visit Lyr’s home first, the Daricassan city second, Melabet third, and the temple in the sky last.
    • They can journey to Itwaar as an escort for the Effulgent One.
  • Lazar and Maqsood return in time for dinner.
    • The party tells Lazar about their visions and he offers to show them his home city, when they are done in Itwaar.
  • The party spends the rest of the evening making plans.



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