Session 62

Place Holder Outline

Akkarid – warehouse by the docks

  • Kage Okosa emerges from the shadows by Alophin.
  • Lillian is being guarded by Miyuki No-Shi .
    • Lillian looks like she has been crying.
  • There are shadows that appear to be moving.
  • Sisi demands to know what is going on.
    • Alophin coldly tells her she should have left well enough alone, and tells Kage Okosa that they should conclude their business elsewhere.
  • Kage Okosa reaches for Alophin as he begins to sink into the shadows.
    • Before they vanish Indira shoots the Philosopher’s skull out of Alophin’s hands and sends it flying across the room.
      • Alophin is unharmed, but still disappears with Kage Okosa.
    • Sehera and Miyuki both run for the skull.
      • They reach it at the same time but Miyuki throws powder in Sehera’s face, grabs the skull, and starts to run off.
  • The shadows begin to take form and start rushing towards the group.
    • Chaim runs over to Lillian and forms a protective barrier around her.
    • Claudia and Sisi are surrounded and begin fighting.
  • Sehera recovers and chases after Miyuki.
    • The party follows Sehera.
      • Dendera stays to help Sisi and Claudia.
  • In a burst of smoke and embers Feng grows to giant size.
    • As he passes by the window she is perched in, Indira grabs Feng’s robes and slides to the ground.
  • Miyuki is unable to shake Sehera.
    • After several twists and turns Miyuki leads them to Kage Okosa and Alophin.
      Kage Okosa draws his sword.
    • Alophin takes the Philosopher’s skull from Miyuki and withdraws to watch the confrontation.
  • Kage Okosa casts a spell that leaves Sehera’s feet rooted in place.
    Miyuki throws a ice storm bomb at the the rest of the party from her vantage point on a roof.
  • Kage Okosa summons a nightwing.
    • It blends in with the night sky and has a paralyzing attack.
  • Indira climbs up on a roof for a better vantage point and focuses on the nightwing and Miyuki.
  • Feng primarily focuses on using his magic against the nightwing.
  • Sehera prepares to defend against Kage Okosa, but he does something to make her drop her guard with a scream of pure terror.
  • Hasan attacks Kage Okosa before he can strike Sehera again.
    • Hasan draws him away from her and they face off.
  • Indira, drops down from the roof to try avoid another one of Miyuki’s ice storm bombs.
    • Unfortunately she is knocked unconscious by Miyuki’s next attack.
  • Kage Okosa uses his fear/terror ability to make Hasan drop his guard.
    • He stikes Hasan down.
  • Lyr brings Hasan back to life, again.
  • Sehera finally frees herself and is no longer rooted in place.
  • The nightwing paralyzes Hasan, Lyr, and Sehera.
    • Feng kills it.
  • Kage Okosa calls out Feng, tells him he will now know the price of interfering, and moves to strike down the paralyzed Sehera.
    • Before he can land the blow something stops him and holds him in place.
    • It is Alophin.
  • Alophin tells Kage Okosa that he will not permit him to attack the others while they are helpless.
  • Kage Okosa is not pleased with being ordered around by Alophin and disappears into the shadows.
  • Miyuki runs off.
  • Alophin informs the party that while he appreciates their concern, they should not attempt to follow him or interfere.
    • He begins to walk away.
      Sehera follows him.
    • She puts away her weapons and tells him she has no intention of stopping him.
    • Sehera asks him where he is going to go.
      • Alophin says he does not know but he is leaving, because his mother “needs to be taught a harsh lesson”.
        • She lets him know that she does not agree with his mother’s plan to change his nature.
          • He asks her to tell Lillian that he is sorry for frightening her.
    • She asks him what he plans to do with the skull.
      ***Reveals that he had intended to have it destroyed but is reconsidering.
      • Sehera tells him to be careful about whose hands it winds up in and walks back to join the others.
  • The party returns to the warehouse to find the shadow ninjas have been dealt with by Sisi, Claudia, Dendera, and Chaim.
    • Sisi is visibly upset when she finds out that Alophin is not coming back.
      • She also may have come to the realization that her actions towards him are what made him leave.
        • She does not say much.
  • Since it is very late/early the party uses Al-Mhuqtebel to return to Hasan’s uncle’s place.
    • Claudia, Lillian, and Sisi will rest in the guest rooms of the house.
      • Lyr sends a message to Barlan letting him know everything is okay.
    • Hasan & Dendera take Hasan’s room.
      • Before they fall asleep Dendera thanks Hasan for choosing her over his father.
    • Sehera, Indira, and Lyr go to Al-Mhuqtebel to sleep.
      • Lyr somehow manages to occupy an entire king size bed (like a cat), and becomes impossible to move.



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