Session 60

Place Holder Outline

Deck of the Sidero Lykos

  • The party is about to go through the portal to Al-Mhuqtebel.
  • Sehera stops them before they can close the portal behind them.
    • She points out that there is a good chance that Umaran would have known what Nessisus was and the prophecy regarding him.
      • The first place the party encountered the mural depicting the prophecy was in Zarjasz al-Ulaq. Which was the same place that Umaran studied under the Nameless Philosopher.
    • If kept any type journal or notebook, he might make mention of Nessisus and maybe provide some insight.
    • We shouldn’t go without at least checking.
  • Sehera, Feng, and Lyr stay and ask Chalazias for his permission to go through Umaran’s stuff.
    • He agrees as he would rather not have Umaran’s notes or spell book on board to potentially cause further trouble.
  • Umaran’s room is opened and checked for traps.
    • Once the coast is clear Feng, Lyr, and Sehera search it.
    • It is full neatly labeled shelves of components for alchemical solutions.
      • The rest of it is a filthy mess.
    • Feng points out to Chalazias items that may be worth selling.
      • Feng also pockets a few potions/solutions and some nice magical bracers when no one is looking.
    • Umaran’s spellbook/notebook is found.
      • It is locked and most likely warded.
  • Sehera thanks Chalazias for his time and patience with them and wishes him luck.
  • Feng, Lyr, and Sehera depart with the book.

Al-Mhuqtebel and Hasan’s uncle’s house

  • Hasan, Dendera, Indira, and Noza Oda return to Hasan’s uncle’s house in Akkarid via Al-Mhuqtebel.
    • Al-Mhuqtebel is empty.
    • No one is at Hasan’s uncle’s except for Abu.
      • Hasan’s uncle and his wife are in Sefet on business.
      • Abu indicates something has happened and Maqsood and Lazar have gone to Claudia Lestoue’s estate.
        • He doesn’t give many details.
    • Hasan, Indira, and Dendera will go as soon as the others return from the Sidero Lykos.
    • A carriage is summoned for Noza Oda, and she returns to the temple of Pelor.
    • Hasan, Indira, and Dendera enjoy some refreshments while they are waiting.
      • Hasan makes the mistake of asking Abu if there is any Baklava.
        • Apparently Abu hates making Baklava.
  • Feng, Lyr, and Sehera return.
  • The party goes to the Lestoue estate.

Claudia Lestoue’s House

  • When the party enters the house things seem to be very tense and Chaim is frozen in place.
    • The glyph on its chest emanates a pale greyish light instead of the normal golden light.
    • Sisi is sitting in there with an intense look and repeatedly stabbing a bundle of clothing with her knife.
    • Barlan and Muhadarac Hasidar are pouring over a pile of books and scrolls.
  • Claudia informs the party that Lillian and Alophin have been kidnapped by Asha Druj.
    • It happened a few days ago.
    • They woke up to find Chiam frozen, the children gone, and a note written in Asha’s hand.
      • The note warns Claudia not to interfere in any way.
    • No one in the house heard or saw anything.
  • They have been searching non-stop to find any trace of the children.
    • Lazar and Maqsood are off following leads.
  • They are also looking for a way to unfreeze Chaim because he is somehow able to detect Lillian’s presence.
    • They think he may have been frozen by a psionic effect of some sort.
    • The light emanating from his chest may be infernal in origin.
  • The party briefly fills Claudia and company in on what happened with Chalazias.
  • They offer Umaran’s book to Barlan, with the hopes that something useful may be in there.
    • Barlan studies the lock for a moment and then goes off in search of supplies.
      • He returns a few minutes later, wearing heavy gloves, goggles, and holding something very hot with a pair of tongs.
      • Tells everyone to stand back.
      • Then drops a small fire salamander on the book and it crawls into the lock.
      • He pours something into the lock and the salamander turns to crystal.
      • Barlan then uses the crystalized salamander as a key to open the book.
  • Barlan then takes a haste potion and begins to read at a furious pace.
    • He finds a formula for Lumen De Lacu.
      • It is said to be a burning substance who’s light will neutralize any psionic effect.
    • There is a catch. One of the ingredients is the blood or seed of one who has 3 by 7 acknowledged heirs.
  • Hasan’s father has at least 21 sons.
    • But getting his permission to use his blood won’t be easy.
      • Its time for Dendera to meet the family and for them to see how Hasan has changed.
  • Hazred is several days journey away but if he knows what the place looks like Feng might be able to teleport there.
    • While the rest of the party takes a little time to clean up, Sehera goes back to Hasan’s uncle’s house to fetch a painting of Hazred for Feng to study.
    • Feng studies the painting while Hasan describes the city to him in as much detail as possible.
  • Feng casts teleport and brings Hasan, Dendera, and Yasharan, with him.
    • He is successful and they all arrive in the right spot.
    • Hasan opens a portal to Al-Mhuqtebel where the rest of the party is waiting.


  • Hasan procures a horse for Dendera and himself, and a mule for Yasharan.
    • It would be improper for Hasan to arrive on foot.
      • Yasharan names his mule Speedy.
  • With everyone else following on foot, Hasan heads for the palace.
  • The guards allow them to enter and the party is led to a waiting room.
    • While walking through the palace they notice carvings that depict (and glorify) Hazred’s past involvement in the slave trade.
      • Indira is disgusted by them but too polite to say anything, but it is obvious they do not please her.
      • The sight of them makes Sehera very unsettled because a lot of the slaves are Zythu.
        After waiting for little bit they are greeted by Bashalid, the chief scribe.
    • Bashalid has a strage appearance and very overdramatic mannerisms.
      • He wears a fake metal beard, has quills on all of his fingertips, and his teeth seem to be capped in some kind of semi-precious stone.
        • the type of stone changes every time he appears.
          Hasan tells Bashalid that he has come to introduce his new family to his father and mother.
    • Bashalid informs Hasan that his mother is in labor at the moment.
  • Bashalid leads the party to a more comfortable waiting room where they are served light refreshments by “servants”.
  • After a little while everyone is taken to an audience chamber and introduced to Hatim by Bashalid.
    • Somehow Bashalid knows everyone’s full name and exactly where they are from without anyone telling him.
  • Hatim does not seem very pleased to see Hasan, and wishes to speak to him alone.
  • Once alone Hatim lets Hasan know:
    • He is most displeased with Hasan changing his appearance regardless of the reason.
    • He does not approve of Hasan’s marriage to Denedera.
      • He is angry that Hasan broke off his arrainged marriage to Ijilal bint Asliraf Ibn Sharif Al Najib.
        • A lot of political back bending had to be done to clean up the mess.
    • He will help by giving some of his blood if his terms are met.
      • Hasan must have his marriage to Dendera dissolved.
      • Claudia and Barlan must agree to marry Lillian to Hasan when she comes of age.



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