Session 57

Place Holder Outline

Fight With Siúlóir

  • Siúlóir is accompanied by several undead redcaps, and a death reaver.
    • Death reaver: gorilla like body, had two tongues and two axes, the tongues wrapped around its arms and were licking the gore off its axes. It feeds off or gains power by consuming the undead redcaps.
  • Siúlóir immediately throws up a wall of blades and then uses something to send Hasan, Dendera, and Sehera in to a blind rage.
    • Dendera and Hasan attack each other.
    • Sehera attacks Siúlóir.
  • Syla goes after the Death Reaver.
  • Indira discovers that any arrow she shoots at Siúlóir is deflected back at her.
    • Helps Syla with the Death Reaver instead.
    • They bring it down.
  • Lyr and Feng take down the undead.
    • Feng is annoyed by Siúlóir’s spell resistance.
  • Lyr keeps Hasan, Dendera, and Sehera from dying but can not stop them from raging.
    • Uses calm emotions on Hasan and Dendera to suppress their rage, while Indira ties them up to keep them from doing further damage.
  • Something splashes out of a pool in the room but nothing is seen.
  • A few moments later Sehera is bit by something invisible.
    • This cancels the rage effect and makes her immune to any further attempts by Siúlóir to send her back into a rage.
  • Siúlóir address the invisible new comer as the King of the Fomorians.
    • While mocking him Siúlóir reveals that the king was over thrown and cursed to be in his current state.
    • The party realizes that this is non other than Mr. White.
  • With Sehera able to use her fighting abilities and more healing from Lyr. The party defeats Siúlóir.

Aftermath of the fight

  • The Beegowh is released.
    • Lyr converses with it and asks for its help with the Zaratan.
    • The Beegowh agrees to help. It uses some kind of call to communicate the working of the portals to the other Qu’ah Qi in Tir Na Nog.
  • Sehera wanders off and is found sitting on the floor, exhausted, and surrounded by small owls.
    • She inquires after Mion, but he has not been found.
  • The Party returns to the back of the Zaratan.
  • The Beegowh is taken to the head of the Zaratan and begins to speak to it.
    • The party can not hear what is being said but the Zaratan seems cranky at first and then suddenly makes a somewhat panicked noise and beings to move forward at good pace.
    • The Beegowh admits to Lyr that he may have not done the best job of explaining things but the Zaratan will take us to the appointed meeting spot.
      • Apparently he told the Zaratan that Chalizias’ plan would result in the all the fish he ever ate coming back to life and haunting him.
  • Hasan starts to leave the group and head off alone.
    • Dendera follows him and begins berating him for taking the ring.
      • She is mad because he has taken on additional quests when he now has a family to think of.
    • Sehera also starts yelling at him for taking the ring.
      • She is mad because Pringle is not just an object he can give away.



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