Session 51

August 18, Zarjasz al-Ulaq

The effect of the trap, fortunately, lasted only a few seconds. Freeing myself, I rushed back to the flying boat and revived Dendera with a potion, and she was then healed by Lyr.

Feng, Lyr, Eframostis, and Indira dispatched the dragons that were harassing us, as Sehera slew the remaining dragons that were overwhelming Lady Laracroix and Syla.

We surveyed the locking mechanisms. There were six, three locked, three unlocked, and we needed to unlock all six. Eframostis found a button on the boat that did something, apparently unlocking the traps. The switches were linked in such a way that throwing them would throw two others, so we had to work together, yelling over the sounds of battle and the racket of the engine, throwing them in the right order.

When complete, a shaft opened in the floor, leading below. We secured a rope to the boat and descended. There, we found the dread reliquary. Or it found us, for it was a massive construct, a gargantuan metal scorpion, with the remains of Bennura cast in a crystal sarcophagus upon its back.

Have I mentioned how much I hate scorpions?



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