Session 29

June 27

In the morning, we proceeded as planned, Sehera and Indira heading to the Vaults while we proceeded to the library. Unfortunately, someone was looking for us and, not long after we arrived, a large group of city guard arrived, led by the Daricassan we thought had been named Isik Hiriz, the man we had seen attempting to purchase child slaves. He claimed to be an officer of the guard, that we had interfered in an operation, that Feng, Ramal and I were suspects in the death of Festiz ibn-Hazool, and that we were to come with him.

Very quickly, things got out of hand. I should’ve stepped in and spoke for peace, but I was angry, tired, slightly hungover, and my mind was on battle. And so a battle began, a short, brutal encounter that left all but a few of the guards dead.

We scattered through the library, giving me enough time to be struck with a powerful sense of regret, but also a lingering curiosity. How did they know of our involvement with Festiz ibn-Hazool? Did they know we would be at the library? Have we just been careless, or was someone trying to set us up?

As this was occurring, Sehera and Indira found themselves in a network of rooms and corridors. After fighting some agents of The Cobalt Crown, they discovered a secret door into the library and, very quickly, we were all in the lair of the Cobalt Crown. We passed through rooms containing gruesome experiments, probably their efforts in creating their own Ancillae.

We followed distant sounds of battle to a trail of bodies which, in turn, led to The Burned Crow



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