Session 16

June 8

Little of note today. Feng and Nessisus spent some time examining the strange cube we found; elements—flames, water, etc—are attracted to it and it seems to be of Celestial make, but more information is beyond their reach.

We are somewhat concerned about Feng. He has left the deepest hold little over the past few days and is going somewhat stir crazy.

June 9

According to Lyr, the first of this day’s strange events came at dawn, when she greeted the sun. Indira was standing on the poop, holding the cube and seemed entranced. As Lyr tried to rouse her, she spotted an approaching ship. A peculiar man was standing aboard and, when the crew came to look, another strange figure appeared behind us on our ship, followed by several more.

These mysterious individuals were silent, clothed in black robes and Harukan theatrical masks. When Feng asked them why they had come, they gestured at Indira and attacked.

The battle was short, but brutal, these entities touches sapping our strength and vitality. One touched me, rendering me blind.

When defeated, these things vanished, leaving behind only their masks, which had lingering trace of illusion magic on them. Were these individuals bounty hunters? Or were they magical constructs sent by an unseen puppet master? I fear we shall not have to wait too long to find out.

My blindness persisted until the next morning, when Lyr was able to heal my eyes. She has made quite an impression on the crew; I suspect the temple of Pelor may have some interesting new additions to their congregation. I have listened to her speak of the glory of Pelor often and I suspect she begins to view me as a convert as well. I suspect she would not approve if I told her my confidence was not in Pelor, but in her.

June 20

Sefet ahoy!

The remainder of our voyage has been uneventful, allowing me time to work on the earlier years of my memoires and for Sehera and I to develop our swordsmanship. We have seen little of Feng; he mostly sits in the hold with the cube. While slightly concerned with his sanity, we quickly discovered just how sharp his claws are when we tried to coax him out into the sun. Perhaps being on dry land will help restore balance to his mind.



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